Cary Booth
Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Wait, what? Isn’t this an oxymoron, healthy and processed? The answer is typically yes. Nutritionists and Registered  dietitians want you to eat foods more often in their natural, whole form. However, most of us still eat some sort of processed food in a day (even if that just means whey powder or protein bars).  I eat processed foods, too. How do we, as normal people, know what to eat when we are buying?

Are the rest of you tired of being told to compare food labels?  Even with my training and education I find this prospect exhausting. Many food products actually have comparable ingredients with small differences. I have a trick I’d love to share. It’s a phone app that reads that bar code and automatically gives you a score. Then it tells you what products on the shelves right there get even better scores. These scores of A+ through D- are then explained as to why it received this score and the good and bad of the product. It also gives you the option of including any allergies or food sensitivities to warn you ahead of time.

What is this awesome app?


And, it’s free.  There are other tools on this app for tracking calories etc.  But, I only used the Food Finder.  Each items score is set by a Registered Dietitian (RD).  If the app doesn’t find the item you can take a picture of the front of the box/container, a picture of the ingredients and a picture of the nutrition label they will quickly evaluate it and send you a score often within 24 hours. Then this new item is included on the app for everyone to have.

If you are going to buy products from the center isles of the grocery store (shhhh, I won’t tell anyone) this is an easy way to increase the healthy nutrition of the processed items in your house.

(I do not receive any benefits or pay for promoting this item. This is a genuine promotion for an item I use because it works not because I have a personal gain in you using it. )