1.) Tell us a little bit about yourselves. 

Julia: I grew up on the beach in south Florida swimming, fishing and skateboarding until coming out to Cali for love. Besides Crossfit I'm interested in art and video games. I'm madly in love with my little family and aspire to teach my daughter and future children to be kind, loving people the world needs more of. 

Kyle: I grew up in the country outside of a very small town in Indiana, have 2 brothers and a sister, wrestled and played football in high school and football in college. Moved to Miami Beach when I was 28 and met Julia about the same time I started Crossfit when I was 30. Work brought us to Temecula. 

2.) What is the best part about working out with your spouse?

Julia: He's always supportive of me, especially when I'm discouraged he always knows what to say to cheer me on and make me feel better. 

Kyle: I love me some attention and Julia is my biggest fan. The egomaniac inside me always wants her around to cheer me on, I'm lucky to have her there by my side.

3.) The worst?

Julia: Sometimes he thinks he's my coach and tries to coach me mid-WOD. Mind your own business! kidding. Kinda.

Kyle: Sometimes I try to help her in the middle of WOD's and she ignores me. That and watching her lift her heels off the ground for every deadlift and kettlebell swing.

4.) How has becoming parents changed your fitness routine?

Julia: It's def not as easy to have "me" time, my workouts are not as easy to get in uninterrupted and sometimes I'm too tired to even try. She always comes first but I appreciate all the help and support CFT has given us so we can get our workouts in.

Kyle: A few sleepless nights have made coming into class difficult but we are pretty dedicated. I'm lucky that Julia does most of the hard work.

5.)  If you could teach your daughter one thing about nutrition and fitness, what would it be?

Julia: That its all about balance in order to be successful, sometimes you eat your veggies and workout and sometimes you binge watch Netflix with an ice cream tub in hand but it's important to make nutrition and fitness part of your life in order to live healthy and happy.

Kyle: Nutrition and fitness have parallels to all of life. To love someone, love yourself, and be loved by them; makes you the best version of yourself. Being healthy and fit, to me at least, allows me to be the best man I can be for my wife and daughter. I do what I do every day; get out of bed, work, eat, workout, laugh, and smile for and because of Julia and Indy. I'm the luckiest guy I know and Crossfit is an important part of my identity. I hope Indiana finds something she is passionate about that drives her but also gives her joy. #deep

6.) What are three goals you have your eye set on this year? 

Julia: 1. Muscle up. Still. 2. Handstand walk. 3. Get my lifts back up to where they were pre pregnancy. 

Kyle: I want to go into the 2018 open feeling like my motor has improved. That wasn't the case this year and it was discouraging. I also want to improve on my Oly lifts to chip away at my lifetime PR's and get them up. 

7.) What is one thing you have done at CFT that you never thought you'd ever be able to do?

Julia: Crossfit while pregnant. I'm so grateful for the patience and support of my coaches and peers. Modifying and losing some strength was discouraging for me, and everyone's encouragement helped me continue even when I was exhausted and down on myself. 

Kyle: Get someone pregnant. (not literally AT CFT, but while being a member)

8.) If you walked into the CFT and nothing was written on the whiteboard--what WOD would you put up there?

Julia: Kalsu. Ha kidding. I think clean and jerks because it's my favorite lift and Cindy because I like the body weight movements. 

Kyle: When Julia and I started Crossfit at Crossfit CVI in Pompano Beach she did an amazing job and went 5 days a week her entire first year, without fail, at 7am. It was really impressive watching her dedication and transformation from a 95lb little lady to 115lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. I wrote a workout in her honor (based on her favorite movements) that our entire box did for the WOD. I'd use the 30lb medicine ball for the slam ball.

"Perfect Attendance"
260 reps (52 weeks x 5 days)
17 Wallballs
15 Pull Ups
13 Slamballs
11 Box Jumps

9.) If you could have dinner with any Crossfit Games athlete, who would you choose and where would you go?

Julia: Besides Camille Acton? Noah Olsen. He's a Miami guy and I've followed him on Instagram since I started CF, I think he seems like a fun, hardworking, good guy. We'd go to Katana, a sushi place in Miami where the sushi is served on little boats that float on a little river around the bar.

Kyle: I'd take Noah Olsen's wife to Katana in Miami. If she was unavailable I'd take Camille Leblanc-Bazinet to N/Naka in LA.

10.) What is one sport you have never done but would like to learn?

Julia: Gymnastics. I've always thought it looks like fun. Not only that, the strength you need and the way it challenges your body makes it appealing to me. 

Kyle: I really want to try out for Ninja Warrior. Ice Hockey also looks pretty awesome but I've never been on ice skates so that ship has sailed.