Crossfit Temecula


Important Dates

Registration Begins: January 17, 2017

CFT Draft Cut-off: February 14, 2017

Open Kicks off: February 23, 2017


17.1: Feb. 23 – 27
17.2: March 2 – 6
17.3: March 9 – 13
17.4: March 16 – 20
17.5: March 23 – 27

The Crossfit Open is upon us! While many of our members are veterans of the Open, there’s quite a few of you who are brand new and might not know what the heck I’m refering to. In short: it’s an annual online competition that Crossfit HQ hosts. Five weeks. Five WODs. Right here at CFT. Each Wednesday, starting February 23rd, the WOD of the week will be released (you can watch the live announcement at You then have until Monday evening to complete the WOD in front of a judge at any affiliate or at home via video submission. Your score will then be submitted and ranked among hundreds of thousands of Crossfitters across the world. This is HQ’s first stage in finding 2016’s Fittest on Earth. The top athletes in each region then go on to compete at Regionals, and from there, the top athletes receive invitations to The Crossfit Games.

Now, you probably read that last little bit and went “Yeah…not happening…”, “I’m not going to make it to regionals”, “Coach, I know I look like Rich Froning but I really just got a spray tan”….

Yes, the Open is the first part of the selection process for the Crossfit Games. But that’s not what the Open is about.


You know that feeling you get when you walk into CFT and do something you’ve never done before? Maybe you got your first pull-up. Or PR’ed your squat. Or maybe you watched your friend finally kick up into a handstand after months of them practicing. THAT’S what the Open is all about. It’s 5 weeks out of the year where all of your hard work and dedication is put to the test. 5 weeks where you might eat a little cleaner, stretch a little more, go to bed a little earlier. 5 weeks where you’re not just going to work and going to the gym. It spices things up and allows us to celebrate all our hard earned gains from this past year.

Every Friday the WOD at CFT will be the week’s Open WOD. However, at 5:30, the gym will host FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Even if this isn’t your regular WOD time, you are strongly encouraged to join us. The atmosphere is electric as heat by heat, our athletes give the WOD their all. It really is a “family event”, so invite your mom, your coworker, your neighbor to come by and not only cheer you on but see what Crossfit is all about. It’s not just what they see on ESPN.

Here at CFT, we also run an intramural. It’s just a fancy word that means once you register for the Open, your name will be thrown into a draft. If you were with us in 2016, you know the drill. However, in 2017, we’re switching it up a bit, so put on your reading glasses and pay attention veterans.

This year we will have TWO TEAMS. They will be led by Isaac and Camille. Our coaches will be split up amongst the teams and serve as captains. See, told ya it was a little different! After the draft has been completed, a roster will be written up and posted on the as well as our Facebook. From there, you will be added to a group on Facebook where your team leaders and captains will keep you updated on all shenanigans they have up their sleeves. You’ll pick a team name, maybe even get a mascot, who knows!

The intramural is all about comradery, support, and a little in house rivalry. We know not everyone is competitive in nature and this is a way to make the Open approachable to everyone. You’ll have teammates and coaches by your side throughout the 5 weeks to answer your questions, help strategize, and cheer you on. What’s better than that?


Each week your score will be placed on a CFT leaderboard.

Each week, a team will be selected as SPIRIT TEAM OF THE WEEK.

At the end of the Open, total scores will be tallied to determine the winning team of the Intramural.


** We will announce more specifics concerning scoring closer to kick off **

All information (I.E. team rosters, scoring, intramural rules, etc.) will be posted on, on our public Facebook page, and on our secret Facebook group (in the document section!)