1.) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I traveled a lot as a child, born in Bermuda, moved to Main, then to Spain, and ended up in Memphis, TN., where I spent the rest of my childhood.  I received scholarships for Cross County and Soccer but decided to go halfsies on a bus with a friend where we traveled around the country for a while, when I came back home I joined the Army and served for six great years. I met my lovely wife while I was in the military...on our second date I almost broke her nose playing basketball with her…yes that’s how romantic I was! Christina and I have been married 20 short years and have two fantastic children, Zoe and Zac. I have been blessed to work for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians since 2001, and I am currently working for the Tribal Governments Environmental Department insuring that the tribes’ environmental sovereign rights are not infringed on from local, state, or federal government agency.   

2.) What brought you into Crossfit Temecula?
My significant other was communicating with Camille about teaching yoga at Temecula Crossfit, and came home and said that I would like how the workouts at the Box were… I was like “gym group workout” whatever… and after a week or so of talking about it with her and her explaining it’s not like other gym classes, I headed in for my first class on a Friday night with Nick… I don't remember the complete workout but it was a set number of wall balls and if you didn't hit the number there was set number of burpee penalties….sweetie as shit... last to finish…around 27 minutes…and laying in my puddle of sweet on the floor… I was like... this is bullshit... I should have crushed this... WTF, am I that out of shape…and the answer was YES! But what really hooked me was all of the other members of the box cheering me on…feeling like I was part of a team again. 

3.) What was your athletic background before Crossfit?

I grow up around sports, my dad was very active in the Bases sports teams and we as a family were always there cheering him on...well ok I would watch a little, then I would find on open field or court and get a pickup game going. When my dad wasn't playing a game he would practice with my older brother and myself…ok a use practice lightly... it was more like running drills until you either couldn't run, jump, shot, throw, or worst of all start crying because you were just fucking done…my dad would always push us until we would almost crack and then make us do basic drills "to get our confidence back up!" that’s what my dad would say today, my brother and me would say something different…but it sure was nice to catching the 5th fly ball in a row, making your 10th foul shot in a row with your non-dominant hand, or chip a ball in the dark with your brother holding a flashlight within 5 feet of the hole… knowing you now can go in and eat dinner! I played a lot of sports growing up, if it had a ball I was game to play! In High School I made all of the varsities teams I went out for my freshmen year expect for basketball, I didn't make that until my junior year. My school year was Cross County, to Basketball, to Soccer and Track. As stated above I had received a Cross County and Soccer scholarship but decided to take another path. 
4.) As a coach, one of my favorite qualities of yours as an athlete is that you're always willing to jump into a workout, even at a moment’s notice. You just jumped into one of my EMOMs last night! Is there any movement you'd turn down or shy away from? Like... heck no, have with that! 
Short answer no… because what I enjoy so make is that whoever asks you, or I ask them, what’s going on they tell you what the plan is and you say… at this time I am unable to whatever the movement or weight is, and they say… just scale it to what you can do… well shit…OK I am down... let’s get it done together. I enjoy being pushed and pushing others to be the best at what they want to be. Why not do it…you’re at the gym to have fun…and oh do we have a blast knocking out the workout!

5.) From the Open Intramural to the Team Series to partner WOD Wednesday--you're always involved in the team shenanigans going on here at CFT. What has been you're favorite so far and why?
That's a hard question… best answer off the cuff is each day I show up and the community is there ready to work on whatever the WOD together… that’s why it’s hard for me to take a day off… I grew up working every day to be the best or to be part of the best… and I feel I need to show up and give my best for myself but also for the community. I enjoy the energy that is present right before a workout…during the workout… after the workout, to even talking about how someone broke down the sets, or when they felt the workout started to get hard. It makes me feel like a child again…working out by my brothers’ and sisters’ so I can go eat some food!  
I think I found the fountain of youth, all you have to do is show up at CFT…give it your all, and with the hard work and dedication it shows about inside of you…kind of sweetie but it’s there!

6.) At any given time, chances are you can find one of the Newman’s in the box. What sort of changes have you seen in your house since starting CrossFit?
Well let’s see…we had to get a new washer and dryer do to all the extra cloths being washed…the food bill went up exponentially… but really what I have noticed is that we have grown even closer as a family with this common practices. As a family learning new skill-sets together and supporting each other’s gains is something most families don’t have the opportunity to do. I enjoy watching my wife, daughter, and son do their best and being able to support them…shit go through the same WOD with them! Then at the house talking about where they felt they excelled, where they felt they could improve, and how they or we need to improve to get better, that’s a pretty cool bond to have.
7.) What's your favorite go to meal after a tough WOD?

Anything my wonderful wife has cooked! If I would have to say my go to meal after a hard WOD would be something light and refreshing, it’s hard for me to eat after going all out, so a large kitchen sink mixed salad with chia and hemp seed on top…or…a few months back we started to add fish and chicken back into our diet, so maybe a side of Pacific wild caught pink salmon with a side of asparagus and some mushroom risotto, not to be too specific.

8.) What has been your favorite moment since starting Crossfit?
Ok…let’s not ask easy questions Morgan… like what is your favorite color, what your sign or something…but to get back to your question I would have to say doing Murph together as a family and also with the community. Working out by my son, my daughter and wife across from me, and the rest of the community all around paying tribute to a fallen soldier and given it their all. That would have to be my favorite moment at this time, with just over a year doing Crossfit so I am sure there will be more moments to come.