Hands down, one of my all time favorite things about being a coach, one of the things I tend to take for granted, is the small talk with our athletes.  The chit chat between sets, the complaints, the confessions; the little moments I get to share with each and every one of you. I get to know your eccentricities, who secretly likes country, whose prework consisted of Costco sheet cake, who hates thrusters, whose kid made the honor roll, and who wore the wrong pants for today’s WOD. I love it. It says a ton about our community.

After a few years of it you can pick up on trends. Let’s just say the summer tends to be full of barbecues and vacations and a little less time inside the gym. Here in Temecula it usually comes down to a 105 degree day and choosing between deadlifts and double unders or a beer poolside. I’m basically calling you guys predictable in the nicest most understanding way possible. A few times a week between June and September someone will walk up to me with a partly horrified, partly guilty face and mutter, “I’ve been here (insert: a lot less than usual). I am dying.”

Here’s the thing: you’re not dying. You probably feel like you’re dying. You probably feel like a giant chicken wing trying to do pull-ups. We’ve all been there. What you’re feeling is the culmination of a few choices you made that are outside your regular routine. Fitness doesn’t disappear over night. I promise.

Our job is to give you the tools to be fit. Part of fitness is balance. I’m not talking handstand walking and snatching. Balance is, quite literally, keeping yourself upright. When the majority of your choices are good solid choices like eating your meat and veggies and making it into the gym a few times a week, you do get to balance those things out. Health isn’t all about PRs and protein shakes. When choices start to pile up and become routine, then there’s an issue. Taking a vacation or indulging in a special meal here and there isn’t an issue. It’s balance, which is fitness.