1.) Tell me a little about yourself.

Married to John, who is a Marine, for 26 years, lived in Japan, Hawaii, east coast and now here. Have been a stay at home mom to 4 kids, Kortnie, John, Taylor and Jordan, for most of those years, just went back to work about 2 years ago. Was never an athlete, very uncoordinated, but like outdoor things, water and snow skiing, hiking, camping. Love to read

2.) What inspired you to walk into CrossFit Temecula for the first time?

We had just moved to California and I just turned 40. I had been a member of a gym in Maryland and I enjoyed spin classes and sometimes I'd do a circuit on the weight machines but when we got here I needed something new, I was tired and bored of the gym and my clothes were all getting tight! John was deployed, of course, and I was complaining to him that I needed something, so he suggested CrossFit, I thought he was nuts because I had seen some of the workouts online. He did some research and said I should check out CFT. Nick had just opened CFT a few months before and his infectious enthusiasm hooked me.

3.) CrossFit is a family affair for the Walker's--what sort of changes have you seen under your roof since you all started?

CrossFit has totally changed my life. My outlook, body shape, and confidence. I think I have a better attitude about life in general. CrossFit teaches you so many lessons, no matter how hard a workout is, you eventually finish, even when you thought it was impossible looking at it on the board. And when you finish you're exhausted but proud. CrossFit definitely gives our family something to talk about and there is always competition. Kortnie lives in Utah and still calls me a few times a week and with no hello or how are you but "guess what our workout was?" CrossFit has done wonders for my son John. It has given him confidence that definitely carries over to his day to day life.

4.) What do your kids think about you CrossFitting?

They like that I'm strong and able to hard things. They're proud of me

5.) The CrossFit prescription is performing functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity. As a fellow military wife and mom, that basically describes my life outside the gym! How does being a mom effect how you WOD?

I think it gives me determination to never give up, never stop trying. Mom's have to do a lot of hard things and we do them because we want our families to be happy and our homes to be a place they want to be.

6.) A lot of the times people use the excuse that they don't have enough time to go to the gym. How many times a week do you fit a WOD in? How do you balance your gym time with your busy schedule?

I workout about 4 times per week. On my days off I try to go first thing in the morning before I get too busy and the days I work I just come straight from work, If I go home first I'm done, I'll never make it in. You really have to make it a priority though or life takes over.

7.) What is your favorite moment since starting CrossFit?

When I could finally kick up against the wall. It took me about 6 months after starting CrossFit, (I am very uncoordinated.) Or anytime I can Rx a workout, it doesn't happen very often.

8.) What is your biggest motivator in the gym?

I guess I'm self motivated, I like seeing myself get stronger.

9.) What is your ideal WOD?

Dead-lifts, sit ups, and running I can do all those things. I love dead-lifts because there is no finesse involved just pick it up, anything that requires rhythm or timing I suck at, which is just about everything.

10.) Describe yourself as a mom and athlete in 6 words or else.

Determined, strong, competitive.